The construction of an underground pedestrian crossing in Virpazar for the safe intersection of the highway and railway is coming to an end

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In the near future, the construction of an underground pedestrian crossing near the village of Virpazar will be completed, which will have a multi purpose in the future, and, first of all, will facilitate and ensure a safer intersection of the highway and the Podgorica-Bar railway.

“The completion of all construction work and the opening of the underground pedestrian crossing is expected within the next few days, to the satisfaction of local residents of the city of Virpazar and numerous tourists arriving at Skadar Lake,” the State Enterprise “National Parks of Montenegro” (NPCG) said.

The crossing will also be of an informational nature, since a system of information tables will be installed on it, on which useful information will be presented for visitors to the Skadar Lake National Park.

“The pedestrian route is designed to be as closed as possible and follow the direction of the stone embankment, extending under the highway and railway to the temporary parking spot,” the NPCG said.

Thanks to the construction of this pedestrian crossing, the State Enterprise “National Parks of Montenegro” continues to implement projects related to the development of the tourist infrastructure of the region, and this route is of particular importance, since it was built primarily for the safety of both pedestrians and drivers, and will solve a long-standing problem for local residents and entrepreneurs from Virpazar.

In addition, next year the plans for the organization of National Parks of Montenegro, regarding Lake Skadar and the city of Virpazar, provide for the construction of two car parks to solve the problem of insufficient number of parking spaces, which is especially noticeable in the summer months.

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