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The tourism organization of the municipality of Budva has implemented a project to designate a part of the rural area of ​​Budva - the Pastrovici district with the help of visual communication and installed combined information and signpost stands, signs and benches. Information billboards with a road map and the main attractions are presented in three languages: Montenegrin, Russian and English.

Information and indicative stands were installed in the following places: two combined road maps - on the main road Budva - Petrovac at the turn to the villages of Kuljace, Kazhanegra, as well as at the turns to the monasteries of Vojnici and Dulevo; seven road signs for the villages of Kuljace, Kazanegre and Celobrdo, as well as on the turns to the monasteries of Vojnici, Dulevo and Rustovo; three small signs to indicate the place of production of cheese, the provision of accommodation services and walking routes; two signs on viewing platforms in the villages of Dulevo and Celobrdo; a welcome board in the village of Kulace; two benches on the observation deck Dulevo; bench at the observation deck Celobrdo.

After the implementation of the project for marking buildings in the Old Town of Budva, the city administration received a large number of positive reviews from citizens and guests of Budva. This project is another step that will increase and improve the tourist offer of Budva.

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