There are 204 hotels of the highest category in Montenegro

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According to the latest data from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, there are 453 hotels in the country with a total capacity of 43,639 beds, the Victory information portal reports. Of the total number of hotels in Montenegro, 55% are four- and five-star hotels, which exceeds the plan of the Tourism Development Strategy, which was adopted for the period 2008-2020.

Only this year 38 hotels of high category were opened in Montenegro, and a significant number of projects for the construction of hotels and various hotel complexes are still under development.

“Currently, there are 25 five-star hotels, 179 hotels with four stars in Montenegro, and the remaining number of hotels belongs to the categories from one to three stars,” the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro said. Also, according to them, by improving the quality of offers and services in hotels, the strategic goal of tourism development in Montenegro is realized, which is reflected in the creation of a quality year-round tourist offer.

“In this regard, the Montenegrin Government’s special attention is aimed at creating conditions for stimulating the development of the hotel business, as the most important segment in the tourism industry, which will definitely allow implementing the tourism development plan in Montenegro throughout the year,” the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable emphasized development of Montenegro.

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