Installation of the cable car in the ski center Cmiljace is going according to plan

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The construction and installation of a new six-seater cableway in the ski center Kmiljac Cmiljače in Bijelo Polje, financed by the Government of Montenegro in the amount of 9 million euros from the capital budget, is proceeding in accordance with the planned dynamics, the Montenegrin Government said.

During the construction, modern equipment of the Italian manufacturer Leitner is used, the cable cars of which are today located in many famous ski centers around the world. The design capacity of the lift will be 2600 skiers per hour, and the length of the cable car will be about 1.4 kilometers.

In addition, a contract signed with Eminent Ltd. from Podgorica, provides for the construction of an electric substation of 35/10 kV on the site of Maistorovina in Bijelo Polje. The cost of these investments, which will also be allocated by the Government of Montenegro from the capital budget, will amount to more than 1.18 million euros.

“The total investment in the installation of ski lifts, the construction of ski slopes, as well as in the laying of electricity, the construction of water supply infrastructure and access roads will be about 23 million euros, and this year the Government of Montenegro will allocate more than 4 million euros. In addition, in the coming years, the Government will finance the equipment and arrangement of the Djalovic Cave, the construction of a cableway over the Djalovic Gorge, as well as all transport and other infrastructure worth about 18 million euros,” the statement of the Montenegrin Government.

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