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Every year in the mountains of Montenegro, a large number of tourists who go to the mountains without a guide and appropriate equipment are lost, according to the information portal "Dnevne novine". According to experienced climbers and guides, regardless of the dangers of the mountains and the route, tourists need to respect the territories and laws of the country in which they rest.

It is worth noting that now in Montenegro there is no single system in which the services of licensed guides would be presented, as well as areas and walking routes that tourists could travel, regardless of whether they travel in organized groups or come alone.

During the past year, four search and rescue operations were carried out in the Biogradska Gora National Park area alone, and this year two rescue operations to search for foreign tourists have already been organized. This year, foreign tourists were saved in Montenegro, who did not use the services of licensed guides, but left the designated trails on their own. In addition, there were cases when tourists were injured and therefore it was difficult for them to return, or they were just tired and called for help.

The director of the Biogradska Gora National Park, Marko Vlahovic, urges all residents and guests of Montenegro who are going to the mountains to use licensed guides from Montenegro who know the area very well and who have all the necessary equipment for a safe hike, and walk only on marked trails.

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