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The popular Montenegrin resort town of Herceg Novi received two new murals: one was made on the wall, where the stairs Danice Tomashevich and Pet Danica embankment connect, and the second is on the wall on Risan Street. The theme of both frescoes is the sea, and they were painted as part of the Street Art Festival held in Herceg Novi this year.

The artistic images chosen at a public competition on the city embankment were recreated by the fine arts professor and 3D artist Milivje Kostić, and on the Risan street, by the students of the fine arts faculty of Cetinje Marko Petričević and Maša Laković).

According to a statement from the Herceg Novi Municipality, the fresco of Milivoy Kostić, which now adorns the wall at the foot of the stairs Danice Tomashevic, thanks to the bright colors, expressive artistry, pronounced visualization and three-dimensional effect, reflects the magical and fabulous underwater world of the “fish” and, thus , fits into the general series of urban frescoes "Marine motifs".

The work of Marco Petricevic and Masa Lakovic is an old map of Herceg Novi and the Bay of Kotor, on which is Vincenzo Coroneli, the most famous Italian cartographer of the 17th century and founder of the oldest geographical association, whose work served as the basis for all subsequent cartographers and researchers of this work parts of Europe. This painting shows the drawings of ships representing the modern era.

The organizer of the Street Art Festival is the Secretariat for Culture and Education of the Herceg Novi Municipality. The aim of this festival is to ennoble public urban spaces and promote the city as a place for a comfortable life, using modern art forms.

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