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This week, in the town of Virpazar, which is located on the bank of Lake Skadar, a safe pedestrian crossing opened under the bridge. The pedestrian path in Virpazar has a multi-purpose purpose and, above all, facilitates and provides a safer passage through the highway and the Podgorica-Bar railway tracks.

According to the estimates of the organization "National Parks of Montenegro" (JPNPCG), during the season about 100,000 inhabitants and guests of Montenegro passed through this passage and, no doubt, now their number is increasing from year to year.

“The pedestrian crossing is designed so that it fits as accurately as possible into the terrain and follows the coastal stone line of the embankment, extending below the road and rail to the parking place. This is important from a safety point of view, because now visitors and residents of Virpazar are able to safely cross the road and railways, and I am sure that this will improve the attractiveness of the area. Organization National parks of Montenegro continue to equip and improve tourism infrastructure in various regions of Montenegro. At the beginning of the season, we put in order the Tanki rt fishing trail, created several recreation areas, and also set up benches and information stands. We plan to do the same in the Virpazar area, so information boards and signs will be created and installed here in the near future, ”said Elvir Klica, Director of JPNPCG.

He also added that the organization "National Parks of Montenegro" continues its activities to open new tourist routes and develop new offers for visitors, so they plan to organize sports and fishing routes on the Moraca River in cooperation with the Podgorica Sports Fishing Club.

“Another problem of this place is the lack of parking spaces. To eliminate this problem, over the next season, as part of the Program for the construction of temporary facilities in the Skadar Lake National Park, JPNPCG will actively participate in the development and construction of two new car parks, which will be located to the right of the Podgorica-Bar highway, as well as one temporary parking in the city of Virpazar. We want to solve this problem as well, so that this place becomes functional, attractive and convenient for both city residents and tourists,” he concluded.

It is worth noting that this year, until September 22, NP Skadar Lake was visited by about 125 thousand tourists, which is almost 50% more than in the same period last year.

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