A public invitation has been announced for the design of a footpath along the sea in the Tivat - Lepetani section

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Last week, the Montenegrin Seaside Coastal Management Public Enterprise published a public invitation to develop a preliminary plan and a main project for the construction of a pedestrian path directly along the sea and the main road on the Tivat - Lepetane section 2.3 km long.

The walking route will be designed from the south (lower) side of the Adriatic highway by the sea, north of the Sveti Roko church, namely from the beginning of the village of Opatovo to the village of Lepetane (extension of the road for access to ferries). The objective of the project is to expand the road in some sections by 1.5-2 meters by building or rebuilding retaining walls located in the sea on load-bearing columns, without violating the existing coastline.

The work should include paving the pedestrian walkway with the usual materials for sidewalks (prefabricated concrete elements, stone slabs, etc.), installing public lighting using LED technology, creating a gutter and the corresponding waterfront infrastructure equipment: rest benches, trash baskets, protective fences, information boards, etc.

The responsibility of the designer will be to make a geodetic and bathymetric survey of the area and the underwater world, which will be an integral part of the project, before proceeding with the development of conceptual solutions and the main project of the footpath.

Applications will be open until November 4, 2019, and the Public Enterprise for Management of the Sea Coast of Montenegro has provided an amount of 30,000 euros for the development of the project itself.

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