1 million euros allocated for the construction of the “Olive House” in Bar

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The Montenegrin government is investing about one million euros in the construction of the national “Olive House” (“Kuće maslina”) in the resort town of Bar. The construction contract was concluded at the beginning of the week between the Public Works Office of Montenegro and the Cetinje enterprise Bombeton.

According to the Government of Montenegro, the contractor undertook to complete the construction of the “House of Olives” within ten months from the start of work. The olive house, in accordance with the urban plan of the municipality of Bar, will be located in the Old Town of Bar.

“The total area of ​​the house, according to the calculations of the design company Arhing Engineering, will be about 1100 square meters. It was designed as an administrative and educational center, which will also be a center for various cultural events, including the traditional festival - Masliniada,” the statement said.

A small olive processing enterprise will also be located at the facility, which will be open to all Montenegrin olive farmers, as well as interested tourists who will be able to see the whole process of obtaining olive oil.

“It is expected that in addition to significantly improving the working conditions of Montenegrin farmers and presenting high-quality products, the House of Olives will be a very attractive place for many foreign tourists and local residents, and will soon become part of the tourist and cultural offer of the city of Bar and Montenegro,” the statement says statement of the Government of Montenegro.

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