The construction of the cableway in the direction of the cave Dalovich

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With the start of the construction of the cable car over the Dalovic Gorge, the Public Works Directorate, according to the statement, took another important step in the implementation of the project of tourist valorization of the Djalovic cave.

According to the statement of the Montenegro Public Works Office, the construction of the cable car is one of several stages that will make the natural beauties of the largest and longest caves in Montenegro accessible to visitors. It is worth noting that the length of the Dalovic cave is about 18 kilometers, of which about 12 kilometers have been investigated to date, and it also consists of a larger number of canals, corridors, underground halls and lakes.

The estimated cost of all investments in infrastructure development in the area of ​​the Djalovic Cave is 18 million euros, which will be allocated from the budget by the Government of Montenegro.

“Employees of the Volvox construction company, with which the administration concluded an agreement on the creation of technical documentation and the construction of the ropeway, have poured the first concrete foundations for the supporting structures and the launch station in recent days. The cost of installing and commissioning a 1.7-kilometer cableway is about 3.9 million euros,” the report said. It is planned to install two lifts for eight seats on the cable car, with a capacity of 75 people per hour, and it will be possible to get to the entrance to the Dalovic Cave in six minutes.

According to a construction company, the dynamics of the work will largely depend not only on the weather, but also on the time to overcome various construction difficulties, given the fact that part of the support columns of the cableway are located in rather inaccessible mountainous areas. “If all these factors are on our side, then we expect that most of the work will be completed in the second half of next year,” the Montenegrin Public Works Administration said.

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