In Kotor, an underpass to be built in front of the Old Town

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Tourists arriving in Kotor from cruise liners and crossing the road through an unregulated pedestrian crossing are one of the reasons for the huge traffic congestion in this place throughout the summer season, and next year the construction of an underground passage between the Old Town of Kotor and the embankment with the port may be the answer as well as the creation of a large parking lot for cars and sightseeing buses, said the mayor of the municipality of Kotor, Željko Aprcović.

“Thanks to the construction of the underground pedestrian crossing and the management of pedestrian traffic, we will have the opportunity to at least reduce the number and size of traffic jams next year,” J. Aprcović told Radio Kotor. Also, according to him, about 500,000 euros were lost due to the lack of an adequate solution regulating parking in the city of Kotor on 20,000 tourist buses, which are estimated to have arrived this year in Kotor.

Regarding the project for the construction of the boulevard through Grbal in the direction of Budva, Zeljko Aprcović said that at a recent meeting with representatives of the Montenegrin Traffic Administration, it was stated that this road should facilitate traffic from Verige to Lastva Grbalska. The cost of the investment is 35,000,000 euros.

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