Montenegro Launches Citizenship Exchange Program

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On October 1, in Montenegro, the implementation of the national program for granting citizenship in exchange for investments made in the country began. Any individual interested in obtaining Montenegrin citizenship must invest at least 250 thousand euros in one of the investment projects located in the undeveloped region of the country, or 450 thousand euros in a project located on the Montenegrin coast.

The state has already launched an advertising campaign around the world to appeal to all interested investors to participate in this program. "We are ready to accept the first applications from investors, whose interest we have been observing for many years. This, in particular, is also confirmed by our employees who are promoting this program in the world," the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of Montenegro noted. It was also noted that the greatest interest for investment is expected in the tourism sector, in particular, in the sector of construction of villas, hotel complexes and hotels.

It is worth noting that the Montenegrin citizenship program in exchange for investments is designed for three years, and each project must be approved by the Montenegrin Government. In addition, an extra fee was set for investors - 100 thousand euros for the filing of each application, and the proceeds will be sent to the Development Fund of the lagging regions of the country.

Earlier it was reported that thanks to this national program, the Montenegrin Government intends to replenish the country's budget by $ 4.8 billion.

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