Tender is announced for the development of the Tivat - Lepetane pedestrian walkway project

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Morsko dobro public enterprise, managing the Montenegrin coast, has announced a public tender for the preliminary design and main project for the construction of a 2.3 km long pedestrian walkway that will run along the Tivat-Lepetane main road.

The design and construction of this pedestrian path, as stated by the director of JP Morsko dobro, it should be completed in the near future primarily for safety reasons, as well as to improve the tourist offer of the Tivat municipality and increase the number of tourists.

“The project cost will be about 30,000 euros, and applications for participation in the tender will be accepted until November 4, 2019. Thus, we continue the practice that we had earlier in Tivat, namely, the construction and modernization of various public communications that run along the seashore in order to provide guests and residents of the city of Tivat with additional comfort during their holidays, "said P Jelusic.

The walking route will be designed from the south side of the Adriatic Highway, near the seashore, and run from the Church of St. Roko, from the beginning of the village of Opatovo to the Lepetane region.

The technical task of the project is to expand the terrain in some parts from one and a half to two meters by building or rebuilding retaining walls located in the sea on supporting pillars, without violating the existing coastline.

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