Demolition of temporary objects started in Igalo

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After Budva and Sutomore in the resort village of Igalo, which is located in the municipality of Herceg Novi, the demolition of temporary facilities located on the embankment has also began.

Among the first demolished objects, after more than twenty years of work, a fast food point was dismantled, which was located near the beach of La Bamba. Also, in the coming days, the neighboring Tobacco shop by BarCode, the Radio Jadran portal, should be removed. In addition, before the end of the month, it is planned to remove two more objects that are located at the end of Igalo, near the park at the Villa Galeb (Villa Tito), which houses a grocery store and a fast food point.

Recall that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro has approved the program of demolition of temporary objects, located on the coast in the so-called "red zone", for the period from 2019 to 2023 yy .. According to this document, temporary buildings, located on the waterfront in the various resorts of Montenegrin cities will be banned in the future because in the summer season urban areas are overloaded with tourists. As indicated earlier, temporary facilities will also be removed in those places where, according to the accepted state studies of local lore, the Public Enterprise Morsko Dobro plans to implement various projects.

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