2 public parking lots to be built in Budva this year

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This year, the municipality of Budva is beginning the construction of public parking in two places in the city center. 100,000 euros were allocated from the city budget for the development of design solutions for these parking lots.

One parking lot for cars will be created at the site of a small parking lot located at the Post Office and TQ Plaza Shopping Center, and the second parking lot will be created at the main entrance to the Slovenska Plaza hotel complex, not far from the Tre Canne residential complex.

The construction of residential buildings, commercial premises, hotels and various catering outlets in Budva continues and increases every year. The constant migration of tourists and the population from the north of Montenegro to Budva in search of a better life and more income leads to the fact that the number of inhabitants in the city increases every year. The consequence of this is an increase in the number of vehicles and, consequently, ever-increasing traffic jams that become noticeable on the main streets of the city even in the off-season ... There are not enough parking places, which is a big problem for the municipality of Budva, which prevents citizens from living in harmony and creates a negative impression of tourists. Local authorities are trying to solve the problem of shortage of parking spaces in the shortest possible time ...

“We received urban planning specifications, which is the first step in the implementation of this project. Based on the urban technical conditions, we prepared a task to create a project of public parking in the city of Budva. Currently, coordination is underway with the competent Ministry to conduct a tender for the selection of a contractor, ”the Investment Secretariat of the city of Budva said in a statement.

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