The Government of Montenegro has adopted a plan for the construction of the Kotor - Lovcen cableway

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This week, the Montenegrin Government adopted the Kotor - Lovcen Mountain Cable Car Construction Plan for 2020.

“The adoption of this document gives us the opportunity to initiate a concession procedure for the Kotor - Lovcen cableway project, as a form of stimulating private investment in activities of public interest in order to achieve the optimal tourist assessment of the extremely valuable natural resources and cultural heritage of Montenegro,” the statement says message from the Government of Montenegro.

The main objective of the project is to connect the former capital of Montenegro, the city of Cetinje, with the tourist center in the Bay of Kotor - the city of Kotor, through the north-western side of Lovcen Mountain, while creating a modern, environmentally friendly and attractive transport infrastructure system.

The first stage of the construction of the Kotor - Lovcen cableway is the most attractive section, which will run from the Dub station in Kotor to the Kuk station in Negushi. This plot is 3.6 km long and a height is 1298 meters, very complex in terms of both the construction itself and the necessary respect for nature and the preservation of the country's cultural heritage in this area.

In addition, during the discussion it was noted that in the case of the implementation of the entire project, as provided for in the planning document, we will talk about the longest tourist cable car in the world - a project that represents a unique tourist offer for both local and foreign guests

The entire project provides for the construction of a cableway with a total length of 15 kilometers, the trip along which from Kotor to Cetinje will take about 45 minutes. Also, according to the project, four stations will be built on the route: starting stations - in Cetinje and Kotor, as well as at junctions - Kuk and Ivanova korita.

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