First non-working Sunday for Montenegrin stores

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Today in Montenegro, the first non-working Sunday has arrived for all workers in the commercial sector, which means that from that day on, all stores will be closed every Sunday.

Sunday was closed for outlets by amendments to the Law on Internal Trade in Montenegro, which were adopted on June 20 this year and entered into force on Monday.

The law provides that wholesale and retail trade in the territory of Montenegro cannot be carried out on Sundays, as well as on days of national and other holidays defined by the law that governs state and other holidays in the country.

As an exception, on Sundays and public holidays, wholesale and retail trade can be carried out in pharmacies, specialty stores or kiosks for the sale of bakery products, pastries and cakes, flowers, souvenirs, printing products, plant protection products or funeral equipment, as well as at gas stations and in retail stores at gas stations. In addition, wholesale and retail trade can also be carried out in markets, in kiosks, on counters, in shop windows and vending machines outside of markets, in shops, kiosks and retail outlets located in closed areas of bus and railway stations, airports and seaports, as well as in kiosks during events, festivals, fairs and public screenings of cinematographic works, as well as in wholesale warehouses.

Specialized stores or kiosks are those stores or kiosks in which mainly one type of goods is sold.

In addition to fines, an administrative measure is also provided for non-compliance with legal obligations, namely, if the inspector determines that the store is open on Sundays and public holidays, it will close this outlet for a period of time during which work is not allowed.

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