123 electric vehicles registered in Montenegro

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According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, this year 123 electric cars were registered in Montenegro, last year there were 109 electric vehicles in the country, which makes our country far behind developed European countries according to these indicators.

It is worth noting that the demand for electric cars in Europe is growing every year, as evidenced by the fact that last year 195 thousand electric cars were delivered to the "old continent", which is 47% more than a year earlier, the Victory portal writes.

Many experts believe that traditional fuel-powered cars are a thing of the past, and that companies that will not be producing electric cars in the next few years will simply fail.

Currently, Tesla electric cars, as well as electric models from other manufacturers, are common on roads throughout Europe, but not in Montenegro. The reasons for this are the low standard, the high cost of electric cars, the lack of government subsidies and benefits for the purchase and maintenance of electric vehicles, the underdeveloped infrastructure of charging stations and the skepticism of drivers about this type of vehicle.

The advantages of electric cars are estimated to be numerous: starting from the cost of driving per kilometer, which is 80% cheaper than traditional fuels, and ending with very cheap maintenance. Another of the great advantages of electric vehicles is that they can be “refueled” wherever there are electrical outlets. That is why, by the end of the year, 11 public charging stations will be installed in various cities of Montenegro.
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