Sea passenger traffic along the Bay of Kotor will be carried out in the winter months

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In the winter months, Bella Boka will also organize a regular shipping passenger line with Graciana and Elettra ships in the Bay of Kotor.

The company Bella Boka reported that in the previous days, passengers on the Herceg Novi - Tivat - Perast line were transported by a Don Amon speed boat, because the Graciana catamaran was on regular service, Radio Jadran reports. Schedule and prices were the same, only passengers got to the place faster than usual.

Representatives of the company Bella Boka reported that in the coming months, the ships Elettra and Graciana will sail every time the weather permits. They also added that they were very pleased with the first three months of work, as evidenced by the numerous positive reviews of local residents and tourists.

“From August 20 to the end of October, the Graciana and Elettra ships transported more than five thousand passengers, which only confirms the fact that our type of public sea transport aroused great interest,” said representatives of the Bella Boka management.

It is worth noting that currently only 11 people work at Bella Boka, and next year it is planned to expand the team to 30 people.

“From the very beginning, our plan was to transport passengers both in summer and in winter, when weather conditions allow. It is in this direction that we plan the further development of the project with new ships ready for wind and rain. Comfort and safety of passengers is our top priority, and we want to develop the project in this direction,” company representatives said. They also added that at the moment they are checking the possibility of driving passenger ships along the Bay of Kotor in severe weather conditions to provide better public transport services from next winter. In this regard, the company hopes and expects that the municipalities of Tivat, Herceg Novi and Kotor will help them and make stops on the shore so that passengers can comfortably wait for the ships.
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