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 To access a virtual tour, you need in "Google map" select an option "street view".

 Today the company "Google" has announced the availability of "Google Map" in Montenegro, which means that users worldwide are able to enjoy the panoramic photographs of the country, took at 360-degree angle, i.e., take a virtual stroll through Montenegro. The company "Google" has introduced "visiting cards" of Montenegro - Kotor, Budva, Zabljak, Cetinje - a cultural capital and Podgorica.

 Panoramic photos taken at an angle of 360 degrees, acquaint us with important tourist, historical and natural gems of Montenegro. "Street View" is a very popular service on "Google Maps". It was first introduced in May 2007, and the service, is already available in 77 countries worldwide. Users can virtually explore the area because of panoramic photographs. In addition, the service "Street View" is available on the "Google Earth", as well as on "Google Maps" for mobile devices.

 To gain access to the "Google Maps" (available on Android and IOS devices), you should select the option "street view".
You can see how a hotel looks, make travel plans, arrange a meeting at the appropriate place, or just find the desired destination. Tourists around the world can see how to get to the most beautiful beaches, cultural and historical attractions.

 Benefits for users and companies in Montenegro.
 In business technology "Street View" plays an important role as "Google Maps" can be easily and without attachments used on websites, thereby promoting its objects: hotels, shops and restaurants.
 For example - real estate agency can show its clients the sale of an object in a picture from the street, at 360-degree angle. Tourists, planning their holidays beforehand, can easily find and view the hotel, its location, the road to the beach.

 Using of "Google Sreet View" is a very important aspect for the development of Montenegro. Usage of this application will improve Montenegro position on the map of world tourism and increase the country's attractiveness in the tourism market.

  "I believe that Google Street View will also attract foreign investment, increase the visibility of Montenegro in the Internet, promote cultural and historical wealth of the country, so that Montenegro will be recognizable and popular with citizens and tourists," commented Vuitsa Lazovic, Minister of Information Society and Telecommunications.

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