Electric taxis Uber to start operating in Montenegro in the coming weeks

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After receiving the first public charging station for electric cars, Podgorica will also receive its first taxi service on Tesla's electric vehicles. Six Tesla (Model S) cars are already in the capital of Montenegro and it is expected that a luxury taxi service on electric vehicles will begin to work in the coming weeks. According to the coordinator of the Tesla Club project in Montenegro, Milan Prodanovic, in the future it is planned to expand the fleet of Tesla electric cars.

As Milan Prodanovic told the Daily newspaper, the leaders of this project decided that ordering and booking Tesla electric taxis would work exclusively through their TeslagoApp application.

“Considering the fact that this is the most modern application of this type (similar to Uber and Yandex taxi), which provides a much better, more transparent and efficient taxi booking service (with vehicle tracking, arrival time, estimated trip cost, information about the car, driver etc.), we believe that it will be easy for people to recognize all its advantages and, over time, switch to the constant use of the application, as it is all over the world,” explained M. Prodanovich.

He also emphasized that Podgorica is the first city in the entire Balkan region to receive a taxi service on Tesla electric vehicles.

“After the entry into force of the new Decree on Taxi in Montenegro, the minimum tariff for transportation will no longer be valid and all taxi companies will have to adjust prices so that the start is at least 0.5 euros and the price per kilometer is at least 0.5 Euro (nightly rate: start 0.6 Euro and price per kilometer - 0.6 Euro minimum). While we do not want to disclose the cost of a trip to Tesla's electric taxi, we will soon inform all users of our application about the start of the taxi fleet and about prices. Therefore, we invite interested parties to download the TeslagoApp application soon and follow the news,” he said.

According to Milan Prodanovic, currently there are not enough chargers for electric vehicles in Podgorica, so more than six months ago they started the project of installing electric chargers, primarily for their own needs, and he added that at the moment they allowed other owners of electric cars charge free of charge at their stations.

“There are all signs that the number of chargers in Montenegro will constantly increase, but these are, as a rule, the slowest chargers that are more used for marketing purposes. At present, we are the only owner of fast chargers in Montenegro, but we sincerely hope that this will also change over time,” said Milan Prodanovic.
Foto: FB Tesla Club MN

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