Eco-village Nevidio is the first certified eco-friendly housing in the north of Montenegro

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The eco-village Nevidio, which is located in the north of Montenegro, is the first owner of a certified environmental mark of the European Union - European Ecolabel and, accordingly, became the first certified eco-housing in the north of Montenegro.

The Ecolabel mark is a certified quality mark, which in Europe marks only scientifically proven environmentally friendly and environmentally safe products and objects.

The environmental certificate of quality confirms the application of environmental business standards related to environmental protection policies, energy efficiency, the rational use of water, sanitation, the preservation of air quality, proper waste disposal and reduction of packaging waste, according to UNDP (United Nations Development Program).

The eco-village of Nevidio, located in the village of Poscenje, on the southern slope of the Durmitor massif - an area that is still adorned with nature preserved from ancient times - offers visitors rooms in original wooden bungalows against the backdrop of the picturesque panorama of Durmitor National Park.

To date, according to UNDP, Montenegro's dwellings, hotels and apartments have received a total of 26 international tourism certificates.

In support of the international project for the development of low-carbon tourism, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, in partnership with the UNDP office, are allocating funds for the implementation of environmental quality standards in the country and obtaining environmental certificates "Travellife" and "Ecolabel EU".

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