Several earthquakes struck Montenegro

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Tonight and in the morning, several earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.5 to 5.4 on the Richter scale struck Montenegro. The epicenters of the earthquakes were in Albania, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Early in the morning, with an interval of four hours, the Seismology Department of the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro registered two powerful earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.2 and 6.5 degrees on the Richter scale, the epicenter of which was 12 km away southeast of Drach in Albania. Later, at 10.19, another strong earthquake of magnitude 5.4 was recorded in Montenegro on the Richter scale with an epicenter located 13 km west of Nevesigne in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

An earthquake was felt in most of the Balkan Peninsula, and especially in countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro...

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Montenegro warns: in connection with the earthquake, water from the water supply is not for human consumption.

What you need to do before the earthquake:

1. Check all potential dangers: attach or remove shelves, mirrors, chandeliers, paintings, etc.

2. Choose a safe place to sleep, away from mirrors, windows, cabinets, thin walls

3. Determine a safe place in case of an earthquake both indoors and outdoors: NOT in the middle of the room, closer to the corner or in the opening of the load-bearing wall, further from windows and cabinets, it is good if under strong furniture, under a bed, a table, on the street away from buildings, trees, bridges, tunnels, electric posts

4. Prepare a bag with:
- a flashlight,
- Chargers, batteries, mobile phones
- First aid kit,
- drugs
- Documents
- knife, spoon,
- sleeping bag, blanket,
- Clothing, shoes,
- Water and dry soldering.

If you are elderly or disabled, arrange in advance who will help.

During an earthquake:

1. DO NOT attempt to leave the premises through openings,
2. Take a safe place and wait for the completion of shocks
3. Only at the end of a pause go out and move away from objects.

After the earthquake:

1. If you are not injured, help others
2. If you are under a light blockage,carefully climb out
3. If you are seriously overwhelmed, save energy and strength, tap on the surface, protect your nose and throat with a mask to avoid dust


Do not panic, help and do not bother rescuers, follow their instructions

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