Montenegrin national parks have created a single Call Center and 24-hour monitoring using CCTV cameras

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The state management company National Parks of Montenegro (JPNPCG) has created a unified call center and round-the-clock monitoring using video surveillance cameras in order to improve the control system of protected areas of parks. In this regard, in particular, special facilities were equipped for 24-hour monitoring of protected areas in the National Parks of Montenegro. In the previous period, the formation of a single coordination center, it was decided to change the billing system (tracking) of tickets, namely, the introduction of an electronic visitor platform - e-Visitor, which led to more adequate control of this process and, consequently, efficient collection of information and better analysis of visits people of national parks, as well as the ability to create more statistical reports.

After the introduction of new technologies was a good step in business processes and the implementation of program activities, the management company National Parks of Montenegro continued to improve this center, expanding its functionality to 24-hour monitoring and adding activity monitoring in national parks by installing CCTV cameras .

According to the representatives of the management company, the actions and activities carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro make a significant contribution to the prevention of illegal fishing in the Skadar Lake National Park through the installation of thermal imaging cameras that allow constant monitoring of most of Skadar Lake.

In addition to 24-hour monitoring, a call center was also created in the center with the introduction of a special number 067 /000-825, to which citizens can report any possible illegal actions. Also, violations can be reported through the NP application for Android or send an email to The control center also hired developers to support the overall process. The purpose of introducing such monitoring is, first of all, to improve the control of protected values ​​and natural resources of Montenegro's national parks, as well as to take timely measures and create conditions for adequate support for local employees.
Foto: Boka News (NP Durmitor - Crno jezero)

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