The construction of the first roundabout on the main boulevard has started in Tivat

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Today, the construction of the first roundabout on the highway of the future main boulevard in the city of Tivat has officially begun. Construction began in the village of Kukulina, at the exit from the city of Tivat towards the Tivat airport.

“This is the first and largest of the three roundabouts that will be built on the new boulevard in the city of Tivat. The beginning of the construction of the roundabout is also the beginning of the construction of a new boulevard, which the city of Tivat needs. Given the confidence in the contractor, I am convinced that the 65-day construction period for this junction will be respected,”T ivat Mayor Dr. Sinisa Kusovac told reporters, adding that the construction of the second and third roundabouts will also begin in the near future .

“It is planned to complete the roundabouts by March 2020, which will allow reducing the traffic through Tivat already in the pre-season period. In the meantime, we will complete all preparations for the construction of the remaining sections of the boulevard, namely, sections of the road between the roundabouts, the construction of which should begin in September next year. The construction of the first roundabout costs 534 thousand euros, the second - 320 thousand euros, and the cost of building the third ring, near the Army House, will be about 300 thousand euros. Funds have already been allocated for the construction of all three roundabouts. At a recent meeting with the Prime Minister of Montenegro, it was decided to allocate 4 million euros for the construction of the boulevard in Tivat,” Sinisa Kusovac said.

With the beginning of the construction of the roundabouts, the Tivat municipality began the implementation of a complex project for the construction of the main city boulevard, which will improve traffic efficiency and provide better transport links with the suburban settlements of Tivat.

The main feature of the future boulevard is the width of the roadway, which will be 19 meters with two lanes for traffic in each direction and a dividing island. According to the terms of reference, five stages of the implementation of this large-scale project are provided, namely the construction of three roundabouts and the highway connecting these roundabouts. The road will be part of the long-distance highway Jaz (Budva municipality) - Tivat.
Foto:, Mašine krenule

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