Torrential rains, gale and floods rage on the Montenegrin coast

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On weekends, torrential rains with a gale prevailed on the Montenegrin coast, in connection with which flooding of coastal areas, floods, landslides and landslides were observed in various resort towns and settlements.

In the settlements of Kalimani and Donja Lastva, which are located in the municipality of Tivat, a significant increase in the level of sea water was recorded, which caused flooding of Kalimani Street, the Fisherman's Road and the Philippe Milosevic embankment. In this regard, coastal roads were closed for traffic in these settlements, and in the seaport of Kalimani, many vessels are still under threat, said the municipality of Tivat.

Heavy rains and a gale caused damage to the municipality of Bar. Sea waves damaged some moored yachts, a strong wind damaged the facades of buildings, and a tidal wave flooded the embankment of Bar. Also, according to the Bar Info portal, parts of the facade of buildings in some places of the city collapsed, and the city marina was most noticeably damaged, where, due to strong gusts of wind, which, according to CG HMZ, reached 52 knots (about 100 km/h), yachts were literally thrown onto the pier.

Eyewitnesses say that during the storm, a rather large tidal wave came very quickly. “The water came very quickly and literally five minutes later flooded the pier and reached the level of the ankles,” one of the eyewitnesses said.

The promenade and marina in the spa town of Budva are also under water. A video released by the RTV Budva news agency shows how water floods the embankment and green spaces.

“Employees of the Protection and Rescue Service, with the assistance of the municipal police and other competent services and companies, visit sites that are threatened by sea level rise. At the moment, the road on the Kotor roundabout - Radovici - Lustica route is open to traffic and is under surveillance,” the Defense and Rescue Service said in a statement.

In addition, a red meteorological hazard level is declared in the central and southern part of Montenegro, and heavy rains with gusts of wind are possible until 10:00 pm.

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