Vlahovic: The construction of dams on the rivers will cause great damage to Podgorica, Kolasin and Skadar lake

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 Here can be found a statement of Dragoya Vlahovic by a decision of the Government, according to which, the water-power plants will be built on the rivers Moraca, Severnitsa and Mrtvitsa:

 "Dear citizens of Montenegro, I, as a civil activist and a person, who cannot help but respond to the government's decision, according to which on the rivers Moraca, Mrtvitsa Severnitsa, the water-power plants will be constructed. It is planned to construct 5 hydropower plants in the canyon of Moraca River and its tributaries - rivers Mrtvitsa and Severnitsa.

 According to this project, a place Rovtsa and Moraca monastery will disappear from the tourist map.
What damage can be done is difficult to estimate with precision, but it is clear, that it will be considerable. And not only in this area but also in Podgorica, Kolasin and Skadar lake.

 In recent years, an increasing number of domestic and foreign nature lovers are interested in this amazing nature, and the construction of dams will cause it a lot of damage. Kapitansko Lake captivates visitors with its beauty, but the dam will completely isolate it.

 Do not forget to mention the rural tourism, which has great potential. The flora and fauna of the region will be completely destroyed, as well as the flow of the river Moraca and Skadar Lake. In addition, one can not ignore the potential of climate change, if we allow the construction of the dam. It must be borne in mind, that Montenegro is an area with a high risk of earthquakes. Thus, we have plenty of reasons not to allow the dams construction.

 If we take care of wild animals living in these territories, as well as about their future and the future of our children, I am asking the residents of this area to think thoroughly.
We must not allow to destroy what nature has bestowed us. Please, understand, it is very serious."

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