Non-working days in Montenegro for the New Year holidays: January 1 and 2

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The inspection administration appealed to all enterprises and business entities of Montenegro with an appeal that January 1 and 2, 2020 be non-working days. In this regard, on January 1 and 2, all shops and outlets in Montenegro will be closed.

“We urge all business entities in Montenegro engaged in wholesale and retail trade to comply with the current Law on Internal Trade, which stipulates that wholesale and retail trade cannot be carried out on Sundays and public holidays,” the statement said. Therefore, they reminded the merchants to whom this Law applies not to work on holidays, namely on January 1 and 2, which, in accordance with the provisions of this law, are registered as non-working.

“We also remind the supervised organizations that, in addition to fines, the prescribed administrative punishment for non-compliance with this Law will be applied, which implies the closure of a store or other retail outlet during the period when work is prohibited by the specified law,” the statement said.

However, it is worth noting that on holidays it is allowed to sell on trading floors,markets, in kiosks and vending machines outside of shopping centers, in mobile stores, kiosks and vending machines located in closed rooms of bus and railway stations, airports and seaports, and also in kiosks that sell goods during events, festivals, exhibitions, public screenings of cinematographic works and in warehouses for wholesale.

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