The first public aquarium opens in Montenegro in late May

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The opening of the first Boka public aquarium in Montenegro is expected at the end of May this year, said Mirko Durovic, director of the Institute of Marine Biology at the University of Montenegro. According to him, the Aquarium project was created last year and included in the existing basement of the Institute of Marine Biology of Montenegro.

“The aquarium is located in the Radonicic Palace, which is a cultural monument of Montenegro and is protected. Reconstruction in such facilities is extremely difficult, both from an architectural and construction point of view, and with the preparation of a plan for the placement of aquarium pools and related supporting technologies. After months of planning and discussing the project with the selected architectural bureau Enforma d.o.o. from Kotor we came to a solution that meets all the prerequisites for maintaining the shape of the Institute building and the full functionality of the available space. We are talking about an area of ​​300 square meters, which the Institute of Marine Biology has not used for the past 30 years due to the poor condition of the premises and worn-out structures. Now we are giving a new “life” to this part of the historic building, ”said Mirko Durovic.

He also said that the first room of this aquarium will consist of three large pools, 2x3 meters in size, with the most typical Adriatic fish and marine organisms living along the coast.

“The second room will have seven aquariums of different sizes. The largest of them, measuring 5x2 meters, will be filled with the largest inhabitants of the Mediterranean. It is planned that it will also contain the deep-sea inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea. The third room will be dedicated to the marine inhabitants of the Bay of Kotor, ” M. Durovic said.

According to the statement, one of the goals of the Boca Public Aquarium is to tell future visitors about the flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean.
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