Mount Orjen is a win-win choice, its natural beauty will enchant you!

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The natural beauty of Montenegro is irresistible at any time of the year.

 Autumn nature seems even more special, full of unrealistic colors. Mountains, sea, lakes and numerous picnic areas, this summer were "purpose" of many tourists from all over the world, who have enjoyed every moment of their stay in Montenegro.

 Today we want to introduce you the natural resources of Mount Orjen, which is obligatory for visiting. Orjen is the highest of the coastal mountains and is situated at an altitude of 1895 m above sea level. The mountain is in the southwestern part of the country, with an area of about 400 km2, of which a large part belongs to Montenegro. It stretches in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its peripheral part belongs to Croatia. Orjen is divided into four parts, namely: Zubački ubli, Vrbanjsko, Crkvičko and Bijele Gore.

 Snow lies the longest on the territory of Bijele Gore. The area Crkvica is record for amount of precipitation in Europe, that provides this place very lush vegetation, despite the prevalence of stone.

 Orena also has its own part of history - preserved remains of the Austro-Hungarian objects that are evidence of the time. This coastal mountain is known for its large number of hiking trails. The sea air combined with the mountain, will strengthen your body, and primary nature that surrounds the hill - will leave a long-lasting impression.

There are variety of summer and winter activities on the mountain. In the summer you can ride a bike or go hiking (from April to September), at this time, a famous Orensky marathon is held.

 In winter, the road to the mountain Orjen is often impassable, but if you're a fan of skiing, you can do it here. When you find yourself on top of the mountain, an incredible view will be opened in front of you. In clear weather the peaks of Lovcen and Prokletije and even Durmitor can be seen. In addition, Bilechko lake, a coast of Dubrovnik, and even some of the Dalmatian islands can be seen.

 So, plan you spare time with visiting the mountain Orjen, which is located on the coast of Montenegro, and enjoy all the treasures of nature that we have!

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