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16.01.2020 10:00 2024 1 0
Families whose members were injured or died as a result of traffic accidents took the initiative to improve the Law on Road Traffic of Montenegro and are pushing for the mandatory introduction of video cameras in cars that will record events while driving on Montenegrin roads. They called on all citizens to support this initiative and come on January 20, 2020 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm to Independence Square in Podgorica. After the initiative gains a sufficient number of signatures, it will be submitted to the Parliament of Montenegro.

“We invite all citizens of Montenegro to support this initiative with their signature, arriving on January 20, 2020, from 11 am to 5 pm, on Independence Square in Podgorica. We inform the citizens of Montenegro that a group of activists has prepared documents to improve the Law on Road Traffic,” the statement said. They also emphasized that in this way they wanted to encourage people to ensure that society should respond to the careless and uncivilized behavior of road users and the conditions that provoke road accidents on Montenegrin roads.

“The public is concerned about the daily accidents and casualties occurring on the roads of Montenegro. To this end, we also expect support from all government bodies and non-governmental organizations that are directly involved in improving road conditions. As one of the most objective measures to monitor the circumstances that lead to traffic accidents and accidents and which indirectly affect road safety, we offer a legal obligation to introduce car cameras that will record events while driving,” initiators of the action.

They explained that the captured video material will be used exclusively during the analysis of the accident and as one of the key evidence in the lawsuit.

“This law would help to prevent frequent driving with high speed and overtaking, as well as the frequent absence of warning signs during road works. We are witnesses that bona fide road users often record violations of the rules of the road by other drivers on their mobile phones, but the current Law on Road Traffic does not provide these materials as evidence. Thus, this video was made illegally, and, therefore, it is only content that can be published on social networks and which cannot be used as evidence to search for and punish criminals. This initiative, of course, will facilitate the work of traffic police, as offenders will not be able to evade responsibility or avoid punishment,” the statement said.
Image by Niran Kasri from Pixabay

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