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 Ski centers "Savin kuk" and "Javorovaca" are ready for the winter season.  This was reported by the director of the Tourist Organization of Zabljak Vanya Krgovich Sharovich. She noted, that hotels of communities are already actively preparing for the New Year holidays and reception of visitors. Low cost winter holiday in Montenegro has always attracted tourists. The price on the ski center services will not change in comparison to the last year.

 The cost of skiing in the "Savin kuk" center:
  • For the whole day in January is 15 euros and 13 euros in February, March and April;
  • The price for a half-day skiing - 10 euros in January and 8 euros in February, March and April;
  • 150 euros is a subscription price for the whole season;
  • For the residents of the community Zabljak ticket costs 100 euros for the whole season.
 Zabljak is situated at an altitude of 1465 meters above sea level and is the highest town in the Balkans. It was erected in the center of mountain massif Durmidor - an ideal place for skiing. It should be noted, that the climatic conditions and the mountainous landscape of Durmitor resemble the famous Swiss Alps. 

 Zabljak has been awarded an international prize several times. Fans of winter tourism, outdoor activities and extreme sports come here from all over the world. Here you can truly relax your body and soul, get positive emotions and get away from everyday problems and hassles. This vacation promises to be an active one, full of exciting adventures. There is an opportunity for tourists to try out almost all types of outdoor activities - cycling and hiking on mountain slopes, horse riding, skiing and snowboarding, mountain climbing, mountain river rafting, paragliding and even canyoning.

 The most popular and well-equipped resorts - Yavorovacha and Savin Kuk, where you can do absolutely all winter sports for four months, starting in December and continuing till April. And for those who even cannot imagine summer without snow, the track Debeli Namet is opened, where the snow cover is all year round.

 Savin Kuk Mountain is located 5 km from Zabljak. There is snow on the slopes even in the summer, as its height is 2313 meters! In addition to the unique natural conditions in Zabljak there are well-developed resort infrastructure – point of ski equipment rental is working, offering a team of professional instructors, and huge rescue staff is responsible for the safety of tourists. Organization of leisure here meets the highest European standards, while its cost is approximately two times lower than, for example, in French or Italian ski resorts.

 trails Characteristics:
  • Savin Kuk, the highest point - 2313 m, elevation - 750 meters, the length of the main road - 3500 m, on the way down there are 2 chairlifts, 4 ski lifts and 2 children lifts, there is light there.
  • Yavorovacha (Javorovaca), the length of the main road - 800 m, there are 2 ski and 1 children lifts, there is light there.

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