Over the weekend, more than 2000 guests visit the Kolasin ski center 1600

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More than 2000 people from Montenegro and from abroad spend their days off in the ski resort of Kolasin 1600, which is located in the center of Montenegro, near the city of Kolasin. Despite the fact that now there is not much snow in the north and central mountainous part of Montenegro, skiing holidays in Montenegro are gaining popularity, and attendance is also increasing in various skiing centers in Montenegro, the Montenegrin Government reported on Twitter.

The Montenegrin government also stated that the Kolasin 1600 ski center was officially opened on February 16, 2019 and is already a fairly popular place for outdoor activities for both locals and guests of Montenegro.

Today in the ski resort of Kolasin 1600 a concert of Croatian pop singer Jelena Rozga was held. According to the organizers, the concert was attended by more than 1.5 thousand people, which, according to them, is of great importance for the tourism economy of Montenegro.

The director of the Montenegro Ski Resorts organization, which organizes this concert, Milos Popovic said that today about 2 thousand people gathered on the territory of the Kolasin ski center 1600, who came to ski and snowboard and enjoy a wonderful winter day, a festive atmosphere and a concert by Jelena Rozga.

“In our opinion, the winter tourist season in Montenegro will last until April 1, 2020, and while there is time to catch up and begin to ski and snowboard actively right now. We have also prepared several incentive programs that focus on the northern ski areas of Montenegro and especially on the winter ski centers of the country, so we hope that we will provide some support to them, ”said the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Damir Davidovic.
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