Reconstruction of the Mamula fortress and the island of Lastavica entered a new phase

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This spring, the main work will begin on the reconstruction and transformation of Lastavica island and the ancient fortress of Mamula. In this regard, a crane will be temporarily installed outside the Mamula fortress so that reinforced concrete and reinforcement work on the central plateau can be carried out freely and without interruption.

The construction crane was delivered to Lastavica Island by ferry, neatly put there and will serve to safely move building materials and equipment from the island to the formed service area within the central plateau.

“The placement of the crane is a temporary measure that will help us successfully begin large-scale construction work in the central part of the island. Thus, we overcome the restrictions on the smooth movement of equipment and materials, given that the dimensions of the entrances to the fortress are quite small, ” said Dragan Becirovic, public relations consultant at OHM Mamula.

To date, OHM Mamula has already hired contractors to carry out conservation, environmental, concrete and reinforcement works, electrical, plumbing and sewer installations, installation of air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection and desalination systems.

It is worth noting that the reconstruction of Mamula Fort and Lastavica Island is carried out in accordance with the previously issued environmental and town-planning sanitary conditions and the highest international environmental standards, with the maximum preservation of the initial physiognomy of the area and all the elements found in the installed complex. An international team of renowned experts is working on this project.

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