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 Today the European Commission proposed to establish a European system for the collection of tourist information and its affirmation (ETIAS), thereby improving the verification of tourists without visas, reported from the EU Delegation in Montenegro. Within ETIAS, the information on persons traveling to the EU without a visa will be collected, in order to check and fight against illegal migration.

 "All, above mentioned, will contribute to more effective management of the external borders of the EU and improving internal security, as well as be able to facilitate legitimate cross of the Schengen border," – stated the EU delegation.
 The Commissioner for Migration and Interior Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos said, that ETIAS was the missing link between migration policy and security, thanks to which entry to the Schengen area would be simplified, at least for 95% of visa-free travelers.

 EU security commissioner Julian King commented, that terrorists and criminals were not interested in national borders."We can overcome them, only if we join forces. ETIAS will help us in this field - identifying suspects and preventing their entry will increase the internal security of Europe." 

 Citizens of countries enjoying visa-free regime will still be able to travel without a visa, but before traveling to Schengen countries, they will be required to obtain prior approval. This will allow to identify the persons who may be illegal immigrants or may pose a threat to the security of the border crossing, which will significantly enhance the security of the external borders. The automated system, according to which, the fundamental rights of citizens are respected and personal data are protected, will allow to issue a decision on the authorization or refusal of entry into the EU.

 Although the final decision on approval or refusal of entry make the border guards, who carry out border control in compliance with the Schengen Agreement, a preliminary verification of the tourists will be able to ease the border control and to ensure a coordinated and consistent work with the citizens of countries that are exempt from visa.

 The procedure of issuing permits is simple, inexpensive and quick. In most cases, the authorization must be given within a few minutes. To fill out an application for a permit, you need quite a bit of time and a valid document for leaving the country. Permits will be issued for five years for multiple trips.

 The cost of permitting is 5 euros (for applicants over 18 years old).

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