6.2 million euros have already been invested in the reconstruction of Fort Mamula

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To date, 6.2 million euros have been invested in the project for the reconstruction and transformation of Lastavica island with the Mamula fortress located on it, said Predrag Nenežić, General Director of OHM Mamula Montenegro. He also said that all investments made so far, in addition to preparing project documentation, are related to the purchase of equipment, preparatory work, the involvement of domestic and foreign consultants and the first stage of construction and conservation environmental work.

“This year it is planned to invest in the island of Lastavica in the amount of 5.1 million euros, and next year - 6.45 million euros. The value of Fort Mamula as the cultural heritage of Montenegro is the main idea that underlies the development and concept of a future exclusive tourism product, therefore the protection of the island and the most attentive and thoughtful relations are the basis of this project, as well as a comprehensive program for preserving this object, ” said P. Nenezic.

Lastavica Island and Mamula Fort are planned to be turned into an exclusive world-class resort on the territory of which will be built: a hotel, beaches, a water sports center, restaurants and bars, a spa complex with pools, scientific and art workshops, galleries, an aquarium, a planetarium, a conference hall, helipad and port for yachts. It is expected that the total investment in the reconstruction project of the Mamula fortress will exceed 20 million euros.
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