An old railway wagon was transported from Igalo to Zelenika

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Last week, two decades later, the old railway carriage was transported along the former railway tunnel from Igalo to Zelenika, where it will be turned into a cultural center. It is worth noting that previously the railway car was in the park near the health center named after Simo Milosevic in Igalo (Herceg Novi area).

This blue carriage is a real cultural and historical attraction of Montenegro, as it is a memory of the time when a railway was laid along the coast of the Herceg Novi Riviera and trains ran along it.

“The restoration process will be carried out by the non-governmental organization Sinergija, and the car will be positioned as a historical exhibit, which should symbolize the work of the railway passing in the past through Herceg Novi, and it will also become a creative cultural bar and a gathering place for residents and the guests of Montenegro,” said Vuk Čvoro and announced the opening of a new cultural site in May-June this year.

Josip Veber, president of the Pancevo Railroad Lovers Club, said the current location of the historic carriage is interesting because it is in close proximity to the Adriatic Highway, on the route of the former railway and next to the railway tunnel that was open for pedestrians two years ago.

The wagon was built between the two world wars in Austria. In 1960, it was completely restored and it was prepared for regular passenger traffic on the Austrian railways. He ran on Austrian railways until the end of the 1980s, after which he was sent to Yugoslavia, where he was used for regular passenger transport by rail. In 2003, the car came to the Montenegrin railways, where it ended its working life. In mid-June 2003, the car was moved from Podgorica to the port of Bar, where it was loaded onto the naval ship VSiCG, which delivered it to Tivat, and then to the military port in Kumbor. Next, the car was loaded onto a special tow truck and delivered along the Adriatic highway in Igalo to the place of the old railway station.

By the time of arrival in Igalo, the car had all the equipment: seats, handrails, gutters for suitcases and was fully lit and equipped with a toilet. In subsequent years, the exterior, and then the interior of the car, was vandalized and devastated. Over the years, the damage caused to the wagon increased and accidental repair work in the form of painting no longer had the desired effect.
Foto: Boka News

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