Megayacht from Italy entered Tivat, the crew is under the supervision of doctors

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Yesterday morning, the Black Pearl mega yacht, which had previously sailed from Italy, went to Tivat Marina, Porto Montenegro (Montenegro). The arrival of this yacht from Italy to Montenegro also made it possible for the Montenegrin authorities to first apply enhanced surveillance measures at this international port center due to the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Quite impressive in size, a 107-meter three-story sailing ship flying the flag of the Cayman Islands arrived yesterday at the port of Tivat from the Italian port of La Spezia. Due to the fact that recently cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Italy, 26 members of the Black Pearl team, in addition to the usual administrative formalities associated with crossing the state border at the Porto Montenegro border crossing, have also undergone enhanced sanitary surveillance by the sanitary inspections of Montenegro.

Despite the fact that on the Black Pearl yacht because of its size, there is a permanent ship's doctor and none of the crew members had any signs of any health problems, all the sailors of this yacht, owned by Russian oligarch Oleg Burlakov, were checked before the Black Pearl received the so-called free passage and permission to moor in Porto Montenegro (Tivat) marina, where this ship will be delayed for at least a month.

It is worth noting that the Black Pearl megayacht weighing 2864 tons is one of the largest ships in the world using modern navigation tools - the Dyna Rig transverse sail control system on three large masts made of carbon fiber. Masts with a height of 70 meters carry 18 sails with a total area of ​​2900 square meters, thanks to which the Black Pearl with a favorable wind reaches a maximum speed of 30 knots. Built in 2016 at the Oceanco shipyard in the Netherlands, this steel-aluminum ship is also characterized by the use of numerous energy-saving technological solutions and, thus, is able to cross the Atlantic Ocean with only 20 liters of diesel fuel to power its power unit, which generates electricity for the needs of the ship.

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