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A new hotel chain, Janu, is being created by a Russian entrepreneur and co-owner of the development company Capital Group, Vladislav Doronin. At the moment, the businessman owns a chain of luxury hotels Aman Resorts, one of which is built on the territory of the closed island of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro.

According to Vedomosti, in addition to Montenegro, Janu hotels (in Sanskrit, “soul”) will also be built in Japan and Saudi Arabia. “I see that while other hotel brands and companies place a greater emphasis on health, meditation, relaxation and solitude, many tourists do not have enough excitement, noise and entertainment on vacation,” said Vladislav Doronin. Hotel Janu offers its guests "the best of these two worlds" and a place for a true restoration of vitality and balance. "

The first Janu hotel, which will have about 120 rooms, is planned to open in Montenegro in 2022. The developer of this project will be Royal Commission for AlUla.

According to Harman Rawlinson, Aman's director of communications, Janu hotels will be positioned as premium segment hotels and targeted at wealthy travelers. She also noted that the cost of living in Janu hotels will be slightly lower than in Aman hotels, and for an average guest who rests in Janu, there will be 4 employees on average, while in Aman hotels this ratio is 6: 1
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