Montenegro is one of the countries of Europe where there is no coronavirus

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According to the epidemiologist of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, Igor Galic, at the moment Montenegro is one of the last countries in Europe where there are no recorded cases of infection with coronavirus - COVID-19 (lat. Coronaviridae).

I. Galic also said that Montenegrin doctors have already tested more than 2 thousand people throughout the country for the presence of a new type of coronavirus. According to him, the diagnosis of this disease in humans takes only about two to three hours. Now, under the supervision of doctors, 392 residents of Montenegro remain, the online newspaper reports.

The epidemiologist of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro assured that all relevant departments and services of Montenegro are ready for the possible emergence and detection of coronavirus, and also urged residents and visitors of the country not to panic and not to spread false information.

Recall that according to the latest data, more than 137 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the world, of which more than 5 thousand people have died and more than 69 thousand have already been cured. The majority of those infected and killed are in mainland China, followed by Italy. In addition to China and Italy, people with coronavirus have been identified in more than 100 countries around the world.
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