The brewery will provide 10,000 euros for ecological project

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 Brewery "Trebjesa" invites non-governmental organizations of Montenegro dealing with environmental protection, to apply for participation in the competition. The main prize - 10,000 euros for financing their project. The deadline for applications is 25 November.

 This is the fifth in a row contest of the brewery "Trebjesa", which provides the possibility of cooperation with the business sector, non-governmental organizations on environmental issues.

 "Ecology is one of the areas where our company is constantly engaged within social policy. Previous 4 competitions have shown, that the non-governmental sector is well aware of the problems of local municipalities and is ready to offer solutions to these issues. That is why we want to support best projects, and thus together improve an environmental picture ", - said Natalia Milic, manager of corporate communications at the brewery" Trebjesa ".

 NGO of Young Ecologists (DMEN) took part in the competition and from received funds, they are now implementing their project. Head of the DMEN Miodrag Karadzic welcomes the activities of the brewery, which provides funding for projects that will improve the environmental situation in Montenegro.

 The presented project can be implemented in any city of Montenegro. The project must include consideration of the issues such as waste disposal, protection of natural resources, measures to develop the awareness and responsibility of citizens in active participation on environment protection.

 Brewery "Trebjesa" started a competition among non-governmental organizations for the best ecological project in 2011. To date, a total of 48 projects participated in the competition.

 Completed projects: "I love Niksic, and you?" (Environmental Movement Ozon), "For a better future of Niksic" (Association of Young Ecologists), "Recycling - it is not ashamed" (Alfa centar), "Let us make Blace Ecopark more clean, beautiful and useful" (Association of young ecologists).

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