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Today, a meeting of the Montenegrin National Coordinating Authority for Infectious Diseases was held, which was attended by the Director of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, Boban Mugosha, the Director of the Clinical Center Dzhevto Erakovich, the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milutin Simovic, the Minister of Health, Kenan Khrapovich, the economist Dragika Sekulic and the director Montenegro Police Department, Veselin Velovich.

At this meeting, new measures were announced and taken to fight the emergence and spread of coronavirus in Montenegro. Milutin Simovic said that the Montenegrin authorities are doing everything possible to prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus in Montenegro.

One of the measures is a temporary ban on entry into Montenegro of foreign citizens, with the exception of foreigners with permanent or temporary permission to stay in Montenegro and drivers who carry out international transportation of goods for the needs of Montenegro. At the border points of Montenegro, special sanitary control measures for all vehicles, strengthening of sanitary-hygienic control and quarantine measures against persons driving vehicles for the transport of goods are still being implemented.

Also, one of the new measures of the National Coordinating Authority for Infectious Diseases is the termination of discotheques, bars, nightclubs and public catering establishments not related to food delivery, the closure of children's playrooms, fitness centers, shopping centers, gyms and betting shops for at least 15 days.

The list of temporary measures to prevent the penetration of infectious diseases into Montenegro, to prevent them and to prevent transmission to other countries, as well as to protect the population from the new coronavirus:

1. a ban on entry into the country by foreigners, with the exception of people with permanent or temporary residence permits in Montenegro and those involved in the transport of goods for the needs of Montenegro, with special measures of sanitary and hygienic control;

2. Mandatory self-isolation for all Montenegrin citizens, as well as for foreigners who have permanent or temporary residence in Montenegro, who come from abroad, on the basis of a decision of the sanitary inspection. Self-isolation means a person’s constant stay in a house with control of his health condition, as well as of all members of his family who are in this room with a competent hygiene and epidemiological service for 14 days;

3. a ban on the provision of catering services in hotels, except for registered guests;

4. closing of discos, bars and night clubs;

5. the closure of catering, cafes, restaurants and bars, with the exception of enterprises that deliver food;

6. The ban on the implementation of trade and catering activities in shopping centers;

7. closing of children's playrooms;

8. the closure of fitness centers;

9. the closure of casinos, betting shops and gaming clubs;

10. limitation of the number of buyers in retail outlets in relation to the area of ​​the hall, namely, at the rate of one buyer per ten square meters of the outlet. Regardless of the area of ​​the premises, at the same time no more than 50 people can be in the outlet. The exceptions are markets and bazaars, where up to 100 consumers can be at the same time;

11. responsible persons in stores and outlets are required to ensure a distance of at least two meters between buyers standing in line at the cash desks and in those sectors where goods are issued by employees (meat, fish departments, etc.);

12. The duty of responsible persons in trade institutions to ensure that their employees apply the necessary health measures prescribed by the Montenegro Public Health Institute;

13. The duty of responsible persons in retail outlets to indicate at the entrance to trading premises information about the maximum number of persons who may be present at the same facility and organize the implementation of this measure;

14. The obligation of the municipalities and the capital of Montenegro, in cooperation with employees of municipal crisis services, to identify potential objects for quarantine measures in accordance with the Regulation on closer conditions, the procedure for organizing and conducting sanitary supervision and quarantine, as well as the conditions that must be observed in living quarters during quarantine (Official Gazette of Montenegro 13/20) and offer the Ministry of Health of Montenegro a further quarantine determination procedure.

New precautions were published on the official website of the Ministry, and their implementation will begin today at midnight.

Montenegro's deputy prime minister, Milutin Simovic, urged residents and guests of Montenegro to report immediately to law enforcement agencies about all those who do not comply with these measures.
Foto: Boris Pejović,

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