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Since yesterday morning in various cities of Montenegro, there are huge queues in front of shops and supermarkets. Security guards try to control visitors in accordance with the recommendations on the number of allowed people in one place and the minimum distance between people. Nevertheless, it can be argued that the queues in front of some stores are huge, and, therefore, the decision to ban the collection of people in one place is not implemented.

In the morning, residents flock to large markets and supermarkets to buy groceries and essentials. Long queues arose in front of Our Discount and HD Lakovich hypermarkets, and the security service let visitors in according to the recommendations on the number of allowed people in one store.

As one of the measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus, on the weekend a decision was made to limit the number of buyers in relation to the area of ​​the trading premises, namely, only one consumer can be on one square meter of the shopping facility. Also, regardless of the area, at the same time no more than 50 customers can be in the outlet. The exceptions are markets and shopping centers, where the number of visitors who can be at the same time is limited to 100 people.

The duty of retail chains and stores is to control the proper distance between customers at the entrance to the store, as well as in front of the cash desks, if queues are created there, and also to notify visitors about the limit on the number of people who can be in the same room at the same time.
Foto: Čitalac Vijesti

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