Montenegro Confirms Six More New Coronavirus Cases

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19.03.2020 09:00 1862 0 0
According to the Institute of Public Health, another six new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Montenegro, five of which were existing contacts and a new one. This increased the total number of infected people in Montenegro to eight people.

Director of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, prof. Boban Mugosha said that 20 new samples were made, of which six were positive. “This indicates that the epidemic is starting to spread throughout Montenegro and that we must further observe the rules and precautions, observe the distance while in public places, aand also, if possible, stay at home and reduce contacts with other people. This is the only way we can protect ourselves, our loved ones, our friends and society from the coronavirus pandemic, ” said Boban Mugosha.

He asked all residents and guests of Montenegro, especially those who should be in self-isolation, to comply with the new rules "because, if they are not respected, we will begin an epidemic of unprecedented proportions and consequences."

“In this regard, today we had a new meeting of the National Coordinating Body, at which it was decided to tighten measures, namely, in case of non-compliance by citizens with the current rules, the police can apply appropriate measures to violators: heavy fines, as well as arrest up to one year. To avoid this, I ask everyone to observe the measures we have taken, stay at home and fight this epidemic all together, ”said B. Mugosha.

According to the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, as for 6:00 p.m. yesterday, there were 3,523 people under medical and sanitary supervision in Montenegro, including our citizens, who organizedly returned to Montenegro and were quarantined for preventive reasons.

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