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 If the parliament of the country adopts this decision on 22 November, the monthly rates will be imposed.  The town intends to impose rates from 1 January, calculated in accordance with apartment or office space and location in Podgorica.  Thus, for the apartment of 60m² in the centre of the town, one has to pay 2.5 euros monthly of 30 euros annually. According to the population census in 2011, there are 72.959 apartments in Podgorica. The tax has to be paid till the 15th day of the month for the previous one. The rates will be imposed on trading spaces, parking lots, auxiliary and temporary buildings. According to the document, the decision has to be adopted, because the parliament of Montenegro has passed the law on communal activities on 31 July this year, which has been come into force since 25 August.

 Citizens and legal entities may send their remarks and offers on finansije@podgorica.me, in a writing form to the Secretariat of finance, Ulica Njegoševa 13.

 Public hearings are held in the centre of information and culture "Budo Tomovic" on 22 November at 12 pm.

 In accordance with the draft decision, the cost of rates is determined by square meter multiplied by zone coefficient and usage aim.
 "The cost of rates is equal for all tax payers, in the amount of 0.032 euros for square meter" – stated in the document. It was recorded, the town consists of 5 zones
- The 1st A with the coefficient 1.3,
- The 1st with the coefficient with 1.2
- The 2nd with coefficient 1.10
- The 3rd and the 4th with coefficient 0.8
- The 5th with coefficient 0.7
 Accommodation spaces coefficient is 1

 Commercial one – 1.3, business halls for manufacturing – 0.7, garage – 0.5, household outbuilding – 0.4, temporary objects -0.9

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