Peak of the coronavirus epidemic is expected next week in Montenegro

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Today, the Montenegrin National Plan for preparing the country for the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and comprehensive measures to fight the spread of this infection was presented to the ambassadors of various European countries accredited in Montenegro, as a complete document covering Montenegro's estimated complex quarterly financial needs of 59 million euros in ten key categories: from immediate and urgent measures to numerous emergency solutions to socio-economic problems.

The president of the Montenegrin National Coordinating Council for Infectious Diseases, Milutin Simovic, introduced the measures and activities undertaken by the country to the ambassadors and said that Montenegro is entering a critical phase of the fight against coronavirus, since the epidemic is expected to peak next week.

“In this fight against the coronavirus pandemic, we need help and understanding of the measures and actions taken in the short term. Our actions today will save many human lives in the coming weeks. We do not have time and this is clearly demonstrated by the examples of friendly European countries that are experiencing one of the most dramatic moments in their history. ... It is necessary to find adequate answers as soon as possible to suppress the spread of this infection. And here we need your help. Help is also needed for other states of the Balkan region, and this is the best opportunity for participants in this conference to share their experience in the fight against coronavirus, believing that soon we will be able to create joint regional initiatives,” said Milutin Simovic.

The ambassadors of European countries were also informed that the Prime Minister of Montenegro initiated the joint response of the entire region to the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Note that, at the moment, 6,278 people are under medical supervision in Montenegro.
Foto: Facebook, Institut za javno zdravlje Crne Gore

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