Agency for Construction and Development of Herceg Novi: "The results of our work are already visible"

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 In the past year, the Agency for Construction and Development of the city has implemented a series of measures aimed at improving the quality of life and future development - from the creation of spatial documentation, conceptual design, participation in various projects before applying for funds from international funds and initiate multiple actions.

 At today's press conference, Director Niksha Grgurevich has noted, that the most important work of the Agency, is certainly a space-development plan (PUP) - the document of strategic spatial planning. The agency employs 11 doctors and 3 masters, as well as other specialists. In addition, the Council resumed its work on the strategic development of the city, formed by the Board of Infrastructure and Tourism and Economic Development Board.

 There is no development without a plan
 In addition, the Agency is working on other territorial planning documents. Draft plans from 2012 have been completed and we are working on the 5 new projects for future investments: SL "Porto Bono" on Lustica, LSL "Zirine" and "Zirine 2" Igalo, LSL "Podi-Vistas", the urban project of the hotel complex "Orjen" in the village of Vrban.
 An important document is the Cadastre of green areas, which is an overall picture of the existing green fund, the quality and quantity of green space and principles for the protection and preservation of the fund.
 The Agency has developed a possible design of bicycle paths, sun benches, planting in public places, the sidewalk in Igalo, playground on Toploj street... A large number of geodetic works is also conducted.

 Solar bench in Herceg Novi
 Due to the sector of the economy, formed in the past year, the Agency was a partner in the projects, which are financed from international funds. "Just yesterday we received a notice, that Herceg Novi will receive a solar bench. Based on our preliminary decision, international tender is announced an and the contractor is selected, which is to deliver it to the middle of December. The bench will be installed on one of the most attractive places in the city. The investment is 7,500 euros, excluding VAT.

 In just one year we have repaired all playgrounds. During the past year, the facades of nine residential buildings were renovated, in cooperation with local authorities and residents' meeting. It is good practice; it improves the appearance of the city. In addition, the Agency helped in the reconstruction of the facade of the Museum of Regional Studies and directs the work, as well as working on a plan of the Botanical Garden. Action "repair playgrounds" had an excellent result.
 Today, 4 playgrounds are reconstructed, a completely new one built, and together with the company "M-tel" by the end of next week, the reconstruction of another 10 sites will have been done.

 It is necessary to identify projects for the future
 The agency is also working on other projects, that are associated with large, strategic investments in Herceg Novi in the future. One of them is the project of a possible connection with the peninsula Lustica. There is an initiative to create a ski center on the mountain Orjen, which can be used equally in summer and winter and become a center of tourism in the region. Rapid work is being done to solve the water supply on Lustica, taking into consideration growing interest from both local residents and investors.

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