Montenegro got to 72nd place in the ranking of the happiest countries in the world

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The New Economics Foundation has published The World Happiness Report 2020, in which Montenegro has risen to 72nd place.

Recall that the World Happiness Report is an annual study of the state of the global happiness index, which measures 156 countries around the world by how happy their citizens are. This study is commissioned by a group of independent scientists from Canada, the UK and the United States.

When compiling a rating of happiness, the country's GDP per capita, the quality of work of social systems, the duration of a healthy life, the well-being of citizens, the level of corruption, freedom and trust in society are taken into account, as well as the opinion of the citizens themselves about whether they are happy in this country.

For the third year in a row, Finland remains the happiest country in the world. Also, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway entered the top five of the happiest countries. Among the countries of the Balkan region in this rating, Kosovo takes 35th place, Serbia - 64th, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 69th, Montenegro - 72nd, Croatia - 79th, Macedonia - 90th, Albania - 105th. Ranking WHR 20 closes the Central African Republic, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Afghanistan.

The publication of the World Happiness Report 2020 rating of the countries of the world was dedicated to the International Day of Happiness - March 20.
Image by Max Yakovlev from Pixabay

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