The National Museum of Montenegro organized free virtual tours to the museum and exhibits

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The National Museum of Montenegro organized free virtual tours of the museum and a free virtual display of its exhibits, which were exhibited before the Montenegrin authorities took measures to close all museums, galleries, cinemas, theaters and other cultural public institutions in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic COVID - 19.

The first exhibition that can be visited virtually is “The Burning Dawn - 100 Years of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia”, which is exhibited in the Montenegrin Art Gallery “Miodrag Dado Djurić” in Cetinje.

The presentation of the exhibition can be viewed on the official channel of the National Museum of Montenegro on YouTube by clicking on the link

In the near future, the National Museum of Montenegro will present to the public virtual excursions to other current exhibitions: “Jute and the land of the Black Hills”, “Stamps from the collections of the palace archives”, “I would write”, the sculptor Milivoja - Mishka Babovich, dedicated to the 500-year-old print of Bozidar Vukovich and a retrospective exhibition of Tom Pavichevich. In the days of socially isolated functioning of the public, the most important museum exhibits stored in the National Museum of Montenegro will be presented to the public on the Internet on the official website and YouTube channel of this museum.

In addition, with the help of virtual tours you can visit other museums and art galleries of Montenegro, such as the Art Museum of Montenegro, the Museum of King Nicola I, Billiards Njegos and the Historical Museum of Montenegro with its archaeological collection. In the near future, virtual tours to the Ethnographic and Historical Museums of Montenegro will also be organized.

Links for virtual visits to the museums of Montenegro: National Museum of Montenegro ,Museum of Art , Museum of King Nikola I , Billiards Njegos , Historical Museum of Montenegro
Foto: Narodni muzej Crne Gore

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