Coronavirus Control Measures for Montenegrin Construction Companies

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10.04.2020 09:00 1884 1 0
Montenegro’s National Coronavirus Infection Coordination Group COVID-19 approved a new order with measures for legal entities and entrepreneurs who carry out construction activities in Montenegro or carry out separate construction or repair work and are responsible for all work at the facility, namely:

1. mandatory visible notice at the construction site of the existing temporary measures for the prevention and control of coronavirus prescribed by this order;

2. to ensure that all workers performing construction work during their organized transportation to and from the construction site, as well as during their stay and work on the construction site (except for cases of food consumption during lunch), use personal protective equipment - masks and gloves;

3. all workers who perform any type of work at a construction site are not allowed to leave the construction site during working hours to purchase products, etc;

4. ensure the safe delivery of food to workers performing construction work at the construction site;

5. during the organized transportation of employees to the construction site and back (bus or van), it is necessary to draw up a schedule for employees in such a way as to provide them with the necessary physical distance from each other (at least 1.5 - 2 meters);

6. at large construction sites (with 40 or more workers) it is imperative to organize work in several shifts of 20 or less people, the composition of which cannot be changed, while ensuring the minimum physical distance between workers at the construction site and to the maximum extent possible avoiding physical contact between different teams during the shift. This condition also applies to the organization of collective accommodation of workers, their transportation, the organization of a place for lunch at the construction site, the time distance upon arrival at the construction site, which should be such as to prevent workers from being divided into different groups;

7. The work of the chief, responsible and other engineers in a closed workspace should be organized in such a way as to provide a greater physical distance from each other with the mandatory use of personal protective equipment - masks and gloves.

Failure to comply with the measures specified in this Order, according to reports of the National Coordination Group, entails material and criminal liability in accordance with Articles 287 and 302 of the Montenegrin Criminal Code.

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